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Re: OT question about sound cards/chip-sets and high-end music systems

Paul E Condon wrote:
good sound system to play my CDs.
store my entire CD collection on hard disk, even without compression,
> and all computers have audio output.
the cable run from where I have computers to where I have my hi-fi is ~100ft

Have you considered building a media center/ home theater PC, deploying it next to your hi-fi, and connecting it to your LAN (wired or wireless)? Search the fine web (STFW) for articles and sites using keywords like "Linux", "home theater PC", "media center PC", "small form factor", etc..

> Is the analog audio signal at the output socket of *all*
> consumer-grade computers equally good?

As others have stated, of course not. The key is to get a motherboard, sound card, and/or USB audio codec with "good enough" audio specifications and for which there is device driver and operating system sound architecture support.

If you're into books -- "The Book of Linux Music and Sound" by Dave Phillips was a good read. But, Linux multimedia technology has advanced since 2000:




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