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Installing app list on a new dist

Hi folks,

About a month ago there was a thread entitled "Installed list of
Apps" concerning the right way to duplicate installed apps on one
box to another. 

Johan Gronquist suggested:
dpkg --get-selections
dpkg --set-selections

Oumar Niane suggested:
$ aptitude -F "%p" search '~i!~M' > package_list
$ aptitude install < package_list
and pointed out that:
With [the other] method, you loose the flag for packages that 
were automatically installed.

OK so my situation is somewhat different. I wish to install 
the packages from a sarge install to a fresh install of lenny
and keep the list of installed packages more or less the same.
If lenny upgrades the package then I'd prefer to use the newer
version rather than install an older version. I don't want to 
"loose" all the extra packages I've installed on sarge by moving 
to a fresh install.

So in testing the two methods, the dpkg list is 1923 lines long
including 73 "deinstalled" lines, whereas the aptitude method is 
1276 lines long. 

So I have two questions:
1. Why is there such a substantial discrepancy between the two
methods and which method would be preferable?
2. What about discrepancies between versions? Many lines include
a version number. Will I wind up with older package versions or 
will it be upgraded to the lenny version? How can I get around
that if necessary?

Many thanks for the help.


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