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Re: Gmail again

On Sat, 3 Oct 2009 19:19:53 +0300
"Jari Fredriksson" <jarif@iki.fi> wrote:

Hello Jari,

> If someone sends a message to your email address, and a carbon copy to
> list, just ignore the direct email, and answer the the list message. 
> List-Id filters the list copy to the correct folder. The another copy
> is junk.

True.  I misread what you meant, sorry about that.

However, on at least one list I'm on, there are people that *insist* on
only replying privately, not the list.  I'm starting to get tired from
the constant need to redirect my reply to the list.  Even adding a
suitable line in the email doesn't dissuade these people from replying
privately only.

Maybe I should just killfile them......

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