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Re: Alternative to korganizer for gnome?

Claude Biver wrote:
Hi AG,

you may want to try Iceowl.

Evolution would be the default calendar app thingy for gnome, to my knowledge. I just use google calendar and gcalcli, now. (iceowl, afaik, does not support the provider extension to get it to work with google calendar...at least, not the iceowl in the lenny repos. On previous ubu installs, I have used tbird with the provider ext. and synched it w/ my google cal. I'm not sure if evo works with a google cal...then again, you didn't ask about google cal, anyway.)




AG wrote:

Korganizer seems to have given up the ghost: it sits in the system
notification area on my gnome desktop but cannot be opened by clicking
on it - so hence I cannot add appointments nor check what might be
coming up.

Is there an alternative to korganizer for the gnome DE?



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