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Re: X crashing after upgrade: urgent!

On 30 Sep 2009, mihkel wrote:
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> Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum kirjutas:
> > I am willing to downgrade X but dont know how to do this. Or if it will help.
> I had the same problem yesterday. In order to downgrade X, I booted to single
> user mode, purged all X related packages, changed sid to testing in
> /etc/apt/sources.list file and installed X again.
> Since the problem appeared after upgrading xserver-common, xserver-xephyr and
> xserver-xorg-core to version 1.6.4-1, I assume you really don't need to purge
> all X related packages, just these three.

A lot of people seem to have been bitten by this one. It hit me
yesterday on my Thinkpad Z61M (quite similar to the T60). I then
remembered that I'd just upgraded xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core.
Fortunately both earlier versions were still in the cache so I
downgraded both (not being sure which was the culprit) and X came back
to life. From another post on this list it seems it would be necessary
to go back to lenny for an earlier version if you no longer have it in
the cache.


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