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Re: Gmail again

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
On Ter, 22 Set 2009, Alexander Kaphuk wrote:
As far as my initial email being sent three times in a row. I do apologise for the incident. I didn't do it on purpose though. I was under the impression that I would receive a copy of that email straight after sending it off. I thought that's what happened when I new post was sent. It didn't arrive, so I thought I'd try sending it again. Thought I'd mention about that, as I realise that some people were a bit upset by that.

You did get the e-mail (well, at least the mailserver sent it to you). But Gmail as a "feature" that causes this received e-mail to be ignored because there is the same e-mail in your Sent "folder". Once a reply is received, the whole conversation is moved to the INBOX (or a label of your choice, if you have a filter) again.

I see. Thanks for letting me know.

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