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Re: Size of a kernel module is different at build place and after installation

On Mon, Sep 21 2009, sobtwmxt wrote:

>   I have built a custom kernel, using make-kpgk, from debian source.
> Using ls -l, there is difference in the size of kernel modules, .ko 
> files, at build place and after installation of the package.  I 
> only looked at 2 unrelated modules, but I think there will be a
> difference in the size of other modules too.  If that matters, I built 
> the package on one machine, and installed it on another.  The later 
> machine is an x86 running Ubuntu.  The former is x86 running Debian.
> 1) Why there is size difference?

        As mentioned in another post in this thread, the installed
 modules are stripped of debugging information. make-kpkg can now
 create a linux-debug-** package that has detached debug information, to
 be used for debugging, as needed.

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