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Re: Sharing ppp connection with wlan interface

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009 15:28:06 -0300
Vinicius Massuchetto <viniciusandre@gmail.com> wrote:


> That's exactly it. I've got a 3G modem connected to the box, and I
> want other computers to get this connection wirelessly.
> I followed this tutorial to get this configuration:
> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Sharing_ppp_connection_with_wlan_interface
> > then you should be configuring it with 'mode
> > master', or, more likely these days, using hostapd.  If you have a
> > separate wireless AP, and you just want the box to be a dns server /
> > ppp host, then the mode should be 'managed', and the AP should be
> > configured to forward traffic to the box.

You'd normally use 'master' / hostapd where the wireless clients are
connecting to the box.  I've never used ad-hoc mode, and I don't know
anything about it.

> I'm not sure about what mode to use in case I want the computer to be
> the router. I found this information randomically defined in different
> places while looking for it on the web.
> As I said, the client computer sees the wireless network I created,
> but can't connect to it. The syslog of the server computer keeps
> showing this:
> Sep 20 23:46:48 vinicius kernel: [ 3349.172165] wlan0: No active IBSS
> STAs - trying to scan for other IBSS networks with same SSID (merge)
> Sep 20 23:46:51 vinicius kernel: [ 3351.704879] wlan0: Selected IBSS
> BSSID 0e:45:9e:94:06:07 based on configured SSID

This sounds like ad-hoc mode related stuff.  Try setting up master
mode; the exact method will depend on what chipset / driver you're

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