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Re: Sysv-rc (Urgent)

On Monday 07 September 2009 03:08:49 debian-user-digest-
request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> > Purging bittorrent and the othes leaves me with obsolete init.d scripts
> > from  jackd and timidity. I want these packages but not necessarily the
> > init.d scripts to start them. (In fact, Timidity now has a separate
> > daemon package.) So how do I fix this.
> The correct way to disable is not to remove the symlinks (which insserv
> complains about) but to rename the S?? symlinks to K?? symlinks. See also
>  man(8) update-r.cd
> If you do that, then the upgrade check should no longer complain.

Not necessarily. The timidity symlinks are all k's.

Since I do not want jackd starting at boot and all the init.d script does is 
say to change /etc/default/jackd if I do want it, I can dispense with that 

For running timidity system-wide at bootup, there is now a separate timidity-
daemon package to this init.d script is actually obsolete.

So I move them out of the way.

My questions remain:

1. Were I to upgrade the hddtemp and remove the offending init.d scripts and 
get a "clean" test, is it really safe to go over to the new bootup and do I 
still have the choice?

2. It may be a while before many debianers will in fact migrate. Some may 
never do so. Sysv-rc is uninstallable if the safety-check comes up with 
"errors". Since, once these errors are fixed and one rally wants to go over, 
one must run dpkg-reconfigure, why should sysv-rc be unconfigured? This should 
probably be a bug-report.

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