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Re: megaHAL

Charles Kroeger wrote:

>> why just not installing it and giving it a try - it's very simple.
>> I've tried it. It's a chat/conversation engine.
> OK
>>I've written a thesis  about  dialogue systems,
> Is this online somewhere?

not sure - besides, it's in German. It might be published next year or I
could send you a copy.

>>but megaHAL is not what someone would expect.
> You mean megahal is sort of incomplete not developed completely?

No, it's made for fun.

>> As  far as  I remember it has a different logic then ALICE but the
>> output As is similar.
> What is ALICE?

you need some basics in computational linguistics - ALICE is ELIZA today the
first chat engine.


>> Do you know that Wikipedia exists? It's explained there and you can find
>> a lot of articles about it in Google.
> I use the Wikipedia, that great jewel of the Internet; Google, not so much
> just a quaint superstition about being syndicated.
> I like to hear expert opinion outside the Wiki, personal experience
> etc.

HMM are used for stochastic and other statistic based computations - it's
very useful.

>> No and no.
> OK, it's a chat/conversation engine but not like a chat room so I'm
> unlikely to have a diverting keyboard banter with megaHAL?  At first of
> course I would be more tolerant like that first date.

I don't understand completely well what you mean - but you can chat with

>>> What is a 'scripting pleasure module' for Perl Python or Tcl?
>> I don't know ... what do you mean?
> This was part of the package description when it came up. I thought it
> might be an inside joke. Scripting pleasure modules has a kind of decadent
> whiff about it. You better Google that, Emanoil.

:-) You are asking the questions - personally, I am done with megaHAL.

Right now I'm having fun with Rebecca http://rebecca-aiml.sourceforge.net/

I've just downloaded and compiled the cvs code the day before yesterday.

What are you exactly looking for?

For professional dialogue engines have a look at http://smartkom.org

There are very good demos. There is also a very good book (2006) describing
the architecture of SmartKom


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