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dvd playback application

hello list, im trying to playback a movie on my debian lenny laptop. i
know nothing about the dvd apps here so i went into add/remove
applications and randomly installed the dvd playback apps i could
find. mplayer, ogle, and xine.

mplayer: when i open a disk. [multiple disks already tried same
result] i can here the drive spin up to max speed but nothing ever
shows in the mplayer window. in fact the windows turn back. the only
way to get out of it is a pkill mplayer.

ogle: so far i like ogle the best, interface wise. the other two look
like cheapo windows apps that get bundled when you buy a dvd drive.
but sadly it fails at the task as well. for instance a doctor who disk
will play the fbi warning, the production company name, and intro but
when the menu is supposed to show the program craps out. trying again
with a venture brother disk and ogle dies as soon as you open the

terminal belches this out:
$ ogle
WARNING[dvd_gui]: add_keybinding(): No such action: 'SaveScreenshot'
WARNING[dvd_gui]: add_keybinding(): No such action: 'SaveScreenshotWithSPU'

"disk open happens here"

FATAL[ogle_mpeg_ps]: dvdreadblocks failed

and finally xine: with the doctor who disk xine goes through the same
pains as ogle. only at the point when ogle crashes xine tosses an
error message saying:
"the source cant be read. maybe you dont have enough rights for this
or source doesnt contain data [eg not disc in drive] [error reading
from drive]

alternatively, venture brothers shows that at the moment of trying to
play a dvd.

whats the deal here? this machine hardware was more then capable of
playback in windows, so whats needed to be done?
does any dvd playback work?

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