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Re: Debian preseed: How to choose the hdd for partman?

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 02:38:23PM +0200, Gerolf Ziegenhain wrote:
> Problem:
> The problem is now, that reference (b) in the snipplet doesn't choose disk1 
> aka sdb - even though the disk is recognized after the additional modules 
> have been loaded (I verified this in another console). The installer always 
> uses the scheme for sda - aka the usb stick and the debian stuff is installed 
> on my installation-usb-stick...
> How can I configure the hdd choice - the snipplet above is extracted from the 
> example of the debian website and obiously doesn't work. Maybe this part of 
> the installer is evaluated, before the hdd-controller modules are loaded and 
> therefore no sdb exists yet? Is there any way to debug stuff like this? Or is 
> there a more elegant way to exclude just the usb stick (by uuid) from the 
> partman-choices?
> Additional question:
> Further I'm wondering if there is another way to delete old partitions 
> automatically. In reference (a) in the snipplet I try to do this the hard 
> way. By the way: Also this line is not working. It has been extracted from my 
> old patched initrd-scheme.

I was going to suggest what you've already done, so I'm no help :-(

But if no one else gives you a good answer here in the next few days, you could
*try* debian-boot.  I'm not on that list, so I don't know how they'd respond to
a query like this, but it could be worth a shot.  Maybe someone who's on both
lists could give further direction.


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