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motherboad for desktop

My old K7S5A (SiS735 chipset) Athlon i386 lenny desktop has died and I
am wondering how to set up a new one for the same service (running
32bit graphic scientific programs, besides office use, and
establishing scp connection with my amd64 computing machines).
Absolutely no need of multicore, rather, a single fast processor would
be of use for scientific purposes as parallelized codes are rare
stuff. I thought to by a second hand single-processor motherboard but
it might result as a bad jump into the past. Also, I have a couple of
unused 150GB Raptor WD HDs that could only be used if nthe motherboard
has SATA connections (better two, so as to set up a RAID1).

Any suggestion on which motherboard (or motherboard type if you prefer
to be uncommittal about brand) would be greatly appreciated.


francesco pietra

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