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RE: "Mounting /root/dev on /dev/.static/dev failed: No such file or directory."

> From: Robert P. J. Day [mailto:rpjday@crashcourse.ca]
> Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 5:41 AM
> given that the boot
> messages fly by so that i have only the final screen of boot output
> left, are those messages archived anywhere so i can go back and look
> at them after i get dumped into the initramfs busybox?
>   i'm fairly new to debian, but have lots of background in fedora (for
> what that's worth).  i've been taking notes so i definitely have more
> questions but for now, i just want a way to see the *entire* boot
> sequence, since there might be something there that just gives away
> what the problem is, except that it's already scrolled off the screen.
> thanks.
> rday

I can't help with your boot problems, but to see the output that scrolled
by, try dmesg.  If for some reason that doesn't work, you can "scroll back"
with Shift+PageUp.  The scroll back history is only a couple pages, though,
so that won't give you the entire history.

You can also add the "quiet" kernel parameter, so that only warnings and
errors get output, and not all the regular info messages.

Hope this helps!
-- Kevin

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