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Re: 2.6.30 -> Brightness does not work

In <200908211043.44820.tchatelet@free.fr>, Thierry Chatelet wrote:
>On Friday 21 August 2009 10:28:20 Thierry Chatelet wrote:
>> Next problem (and last) I have is that I cannot set the brightness on my
>> laptop. Kpowersave setting indicate: Your Hardware currently not support
>> changing the brightness o your display.
>> What is missing, as it works with kernel 2.6.28?
>I found that:
>~$ dmesg |grep brightness
>[   26.758710] ACPI Error (video-0537): Current brightness invalid
> [20090320]

That looks like either the kernel is reading from the wrong place or the 
hardware is providing the wrong value.  You might want to follow up with 
some kernel hackers.

>What to do now?

You might try reading/setting some of these values:

Perhaps it will work if your brightness is less than the max_brightness.
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