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Re: executing commands from pop/imap messages on local linux machine and then sending the results back to the requestor?

John Haggerty writes:
> I was wondering if there is any software package do run commands on
> the linux machine and then send the results back to the requesting
> address?

ssh or one of its relatives may do, or uux might be what you want.  It
is part of the uucp package, which must be installed on both systems.
Here's part of the man page:

       uux - Remote command execution over UUCP

       uux [ options ] command


       The uux command is used to execute a command on a remote system,
       or to execute a command on the local system using files from
       remote systems.  The command is not executed immediately; the
       request is queued until the uucico (8) daemon calls the system
       and executes it.  The daemon is started automatically unless one
       of the -r or --nouucico options is given.

       The actual command execution is done by the uuxqt (8) daemon.

       File arguments can be gathered from remote systems to the
       execution system, as can standard input.  Stan‐ dard output may
       be directed to a file on a remote system.

John Hasler

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