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question about Dash

Recent mentions of dash on this list prompted me to try to learn more
about it. I googled and learned that it has a different convention for
indicating that a file is a script that should be processed by
dash. This affects only the first line of a script.

Is this the only difference in coding scripts? I know it is said to be
smaller and faster, which is good, but are there things that need to
be changed in a bash script, after the first line, in order to make it
into a proper dash script? What are they? Where can I learn what to
change in my scripts? Or is it just smaller and faster with no
conversion pain?

I'm actually not sure of the change in the first line. That is something
that I inferred from some puzzling words in an email about getting a
dash script to work that were made on a Ubuntu list back in 2006.

I feel uncomfortable being so totally ignorant about an impending change
in Debian. I want to read something, but can't find anything to read.

Paul E Condon 

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