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Re: qemu slowness

Dne, 04. 08. 2009 07:48:50 je jeremy jozwik napisal(a):
> hello list. the wife wants to watch netflix "watch instantly" videos.
> it requires a program to be installed in order to watch the videos.
> said program is only supported under the w and mac os.
> so i figured this would be a nice time to setup a virtual machine. so
> ive been poking around with qemu. so far i have a windows machine
> running but its is massively slow. loading up an IE window takes for
> ever. i know there is some crazy emulation voodoo going on but is
> there anything i can do to speed it up?
> also it has not audio!
> step by step that i used to setup the machine
> http://www.debian-administration.org/article/
> Running_Microsoft_Windows_inside_Debian_qemu
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As already said by Tzafrir, your best bet is to use kvm if your CPU 
supports it, otherwise opt for kqemu at least. Qemu all by itself is 
terribly slow, although it's a magnificient, stable piece of software. 
As for sound ... I could never make it work in Debian either, but IIRC 
it did work in openSuSE when I tried (and possibly in some other 
distros). Maybe 
it's down to package versions. Using a more recent version of qemu 
might just do the trick ... or not ...

If you're on Lenny, the package versions tend to be somewhat oldish.

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