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Re: Wireless USB Adapter Hardware for Debian 5.01

from -release)

Quoting gene3333 (gene3333@verizon.net):
> Hi:
> I have tried Debian 5.0.1 and I liked it.  However, I was disappointed
> in that it doesn't seem to have any wireless configuration capability.
> It only automatically configures a network cable card.
> This capability is important to me and I am sure others as well
> that have only one cable connection in one room but have
> computers for other family members in other rooms.
> Ubuntu, Fedora and Puppy all have this feature.  
> Does Debian plan to develop such a feature in the future?

This is out of topic for debian-release, and more suitable for debian-user.

Debian supports wireless at isntallation time. However, some adapters
require non free drivers to properly work, or require loading some
binary firmware. You may want to have a look at the Debian
installation manual  to check hw this works.

The other distros you mention are less keen to distribute non free
material, which might explain why they support your adapter.

There is no guarantee, though, that your Wireless USB adapter will be
supported out of the box on a Debian system, but many wireless
adapters are, so please don't assume that "it doesn't seem to have any
wireless configuration capability.". This is plain wrong.

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