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Re: Safest maintenance of a sid system

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 07:45:43AM +0100, AG wrote:
> Hi
> Having recently upgraded to sid, I want to try to ensure that I am able  
> to maintain a more or less stable system under those circumstances and  
> in the full knowledge that, by definition, sid is unstable and may be  
> subject to breakages.
> With this in mind, what do the more experienced sid users do in terms of  
> the daily updates of packages that come through - for example - the  
> Update Notification?  I know that sidux users rely on some scripts -  
> sxmi and sgfi (??) I think - but I wonder if that is what native sid  
> users rely on or do you have your own recipes for maintaining reasonable  
> stability?  For example, the use of scripts such as those from sidux, or  
> not doing a daily system update or ... ?
The Sidux distro advertises itself as a sort of "safer" sid.  I tried it out once, but never really used it much.  Anybody on the list have any opinions on it?


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