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Re: Back up routines

As noted by others, you will receive many different
recommendations for pieces of software. IIWY, I'd ask the
following questions

 a) how easy/reliable is performing a *restore*? 
    not how easy is it to perform the backup.

This ancient website was originally setup as a marketing
tool for a product that (I believe) no longer exists.
<http://www.taobackup.com/> However, it lists seven core
principles of backups (in a light hearted and amusing way)
that you should compare any backup solution against.

From my experience, I would discount anything which relies
on hard link trees. That means a lot of rsync-based
solutions, including rsnapshot. Apart from not being a 1:1
backup (you lose hard links!), the filesystem metadata
storage explodes for any reasonable sized filesystem and
any reasonable frequency of backup. I currently use
rdiff-snapshot.  I personally think there is still a lot of
space for new solutions (yet to see a good git-based one)

Jon Dowland

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