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Re: Back up routines


AG skrev:
Thus, can I please have a few recommendations for a backup routine that is safe for dummies (i.e. me) and is low maintenance that I can just leave to run according to a cron job once (or twice) a week? It would be backing up to my former IDE HDD (now in an enclosure) via an USB.

I know it is considered insufficient, as another poster wrote, but I use rdiff-backup to backup my home directory in a manner similar to what you describe, and I am pleased so far.

Running it is just a one line one command, and restoring to the last backup is simple, as a complete copy of the last backup is available in uncompressed format on the backup disk.

It would be best if the application was able to tell what has changed between backup sessions to back up only that which is new, but perhaps that is the default anyway.

It only backs up what has been modified, and stores previous versions, or diffs to previous versions, in compressed format.

The homepage <http://rdiff-backup.nongnu.org/> also mentions some graphical front ends that may be useful, but I have not tried any of them.

But, of course, what they call an off-site backup solution would be better. I have just, so far, been too lazy.


/ johan

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