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2009/7/24 Gibson, Jodie MRS <Jodie.Gibson@defence.gov.au>:
> Do you have a dedicated 'group' page (similar to yahoo groups) where people
> can post/read messages, or is it done totally through an e-mail list? IF
> through email, is there a 'daily digest' option where I can receive only one
> email a day (containing all the day's posts)? Or do I have to unsubscribe if
> I am going to be away for even a few days so my inbox doesn't get clogged
> with list emails?

You can read and post via Nabble:

In fact, it would probably be better for the list that you do it that
was to avoid the HTML mail, and to allow you to use a descriptive
subject line.

Otherwise, you may want to consider using a free webmail service for
the list mail. Gmail is great for that.

Dotan Cohen


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