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Re: Inquiry: How to set the crontab job permanently

 Hadi> We have set a new scheduled task through crontab job list , as
 Hadi> the followings :
 Hadi> #crontab -e
 Hadi> 30 23 * * * cp ~www/db_backup/cdr/cdrFromMSC* /tmp

 Hadi> It is functioning correctly but we will loose it after server
 Hadi> reboot . Can you please let us know how we can set it permanently
 Hadi> even after server reboot ? Regards H.Motamedi

If a cronjob is setup correctly it does not vanish after a reboot. I
assume you used crontab -e in order to create/edit the cronjob? What do
your log files tell you? Please do a test and report what you see; take
a look at http://sunoano.name/ws/public_xhtml/time.html#cron --> Testing

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