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Re: Kmail................

> 1) There is a long-standing bug - or feature request: kmail does not
> start a new thread when downloading mail, so you have to wait for it to
> finish. It can be long if you have lots of mail, or if you pass the mail
> through anti-spam/anti-virus.

Do you have the bug number? This is the reason that I left Kmail.

> 2) fam/libfam0 have a bug where it takes all of the cpu; if you have a
> multi-core cpu, you may not notice that it's eating up your processing
> time, but when kmail may be very slow in this case (it seems to depend
> heavily on libfam). I've solved this problem replacing famd by gamin
> (and libfam0 by libgamin0).

You do this on your friends' installs, or this is a fix that you have
commited to KDE trunk? If the latter, could you please open a bug at
KDE and explain the fix? Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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