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Re: [OT] GNU - Linux and Debian.......

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Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> In <20090722224953.GA29150@codelibre.net>, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> I write software specifically for Debian as a
>> Debian Developer (schroot, sbuild and other bits).  I'd say that those
>> were created by Debian, as is all software created by DDs in their
>> project role.
> Debian did not remunerate those developers for that specific effort, nor 
> does it (as an organization) hold any legal claim to the software.
> That's all I meant by "Debian doesn't create much software".  I wasn't 
> trying to discount the software written by DDs to satisfy Debian needs.  
> (/me loves my cowbuilder setups.)

The problem with your approach is that you put something like a
corporate yardstick (which software/line of code bears a certain
label/brand) on something that is anything but corporate, namely a
community effort. Debian is a community project and I'd say that
everything someone does with her/his Debian hat on is part of Debian.
You don't have to be a DD to submit patches via the bts, but if you do,
you contribute to Debian. If you google something on almost any piece of
free software, chances are that you'll find links to this mailing list,
 ie. to support provided by the Debian project.

By its nature free software is free, so brand marks and labels are not
applied to the software or lines thereof (apart from the licence
information, but there is no Debian licence or such). I don't think
there will be any objective, scriptable way to quantify the amount of
code produced by Debian or any other distribution. If a DD is also a
kernel developer, does his/her contribution count as work for Debian or
work for the kernel team? There is no way to give a simple, definite
answer to that question, IMHO.

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