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Re: OpenLdap manual howto available

On 2009-07-20 11:45, Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
Just an FYI.
I'm working on openldap howto for Debian.


This manual shows how to setup openldap and gives a workaround to some
of the known bugs that prevent openldap to be reconfigured, and
migration tools from finish migration. The setting up of openldap is
fairly easy, but without few key instructions that I've listed its
almost impossible for new user to finish.

Took me 2 weeks but after reading above OpenLdap Manual howto you will
setup ldap server in as little as 10minutes.

Enjoy. (More content coming as days go by)


   1. OpenLDAP
         1. What is required
         2. Install
         3. Authentication
         4. Connect to openldap
         5. Simple addressbook
               1. Thunderbird

Thanks for your hard work.  This should be very useful to me.

               2. Outlook
   2. Linux integration with LDAP
         1. libnss-ldap
               1. migrationtools
         2. libpam
   3. Troubleshooting
         1. result: 32 No such object
   4. References

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The Doom-Bringer

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