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Re: how do i grep boobies

And all of this for a fanatical bird watcher.  The correct command is

> curl "http://www.geo.cornell.edu/geology/GalapagosWWW/BlueFoot.html" | grep boobies
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100  2432  100  2432    0     0    561      0  0:00:04  0:00:04 --:--:--   748
Boobies are among the most fascinating seabirds to be seen in the Galapagos.  The blue-footed boobies are particularly common

On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 9:00 AM, Napoleon <rri0187@attglobal.net> wrote:
Raquel wrote:
On Sun, 5 Jul 2009 11:00:31 +0100
Harry Rickards <hrickards@l33tmyst.com> wrote:

Also, regarding the women wanting this thread to stop being
offensive to them, it's probably only encouraged some people. Why
not create a thread that offends/embarrases all the guys on the

I wonder how long it would continue if it offended Muslims, Jews, the
French, the Australians, or some other group?

It depends.  In the case of the French, for instance, probably quite a while.  They can be very funny :-)

It's too bad that some people are so thin-skinned that a word like "boobies" upsets them.  It's not like we're talking about raping someone, for instance.

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