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Re: how do i grep boobies

On Jul 4, 2009, at 8:43 PM, Nate Bargmann wrote:

* Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> [2009 Jul 04 16:10 -0500]:
On Saturday 04 July 2009 20:33:14 Dotan Cohen wrote:
$ sudo apt-get install woman
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Couldn't find package woman

Oh, oh.  Out of luck, I'd guess.

...unless there might still be some women somewhere on Usenet.

alias woman "locate; talk; date; uptime; gawk; head; clean; sleep"

And then they wonder why some women find IT a hostile area....

Seriously, there are female readers of this list. Could we at least pretend that the rest of you think we are human beings, not blow-up toys for men to

Could it be that we guys are poking fun at ourselves?  Is that not

'zactly what I thought.

In other words, please can we lay this rather offensive thread to rest?

I guess that since I'm an insensitive clod of a male that I can't see
the offensive nature of this thread.  You do realize that your plea to
end this thread only caused it to be continued longer.  Ironic, no?

Streisand effect, especially known to be prevalent on Debian-User. Or, as Hal's Law states: The surest way to make sure a thread continues ad nauseam on Debian-User is to give even the slightest suggestion it may be off-topic. Such an action will guarantee the thread will continue for at least another 72 hours.


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