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how to fix a fatal erreur fro broken package

I often meet the problem for broken package,  need a more detail on apt-get and dpkg tools

Here is the last pb,
My laptop stopped suddenly, (forgot to plug  power!!! ), while I was  installing  gdm package,

I got after that the problem, in libdmx1,  I have tryed several option to remove it, reinstall it
I tryed dpkg  --force-all -r  libdmx1,   I tryed  to force install, force remove,

I always got the error:

Package is in very bad inconsistent state-- you should try reinstalling it
before attempting   a removal

Reading database .... 30%dpkg;   unreocverable fatal error ,  aborting
files   list file  for package 'libdmx1'  is missing final  newline.

I tryed  dpkg --reconfigure -a
and   again       apt-get install libdmx1         same error

Thanks for help
best regards

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