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Re: laserjet 1020+usb

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 09:21:55AM -0700, Enrique Morfin wrote:
> I did what you said. No luck either :-(
> i installed hplip:

The only 'required' missing dependency is this one:

> hp-check[5256]: info: :Checking for dependency: DBus - Message bus system...
> error: NOT FOUND! This is a REQUIRED dependency. Please make sure that this dependency is installed before installing or running HPLIP.

Install dbus and then run hp-check again but run it to report only on runtime dependencies like this:

hp-check -r

If you're still not getting printing turn on CUPS debugging like this:

cupsctl LogLevel=debug

Try printing and then check /var/log/syslog for anything helpful.

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