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Re: IRC - A beginners tutorial can be fun too :-)

Suno Ano wrote:
Hi folks,

in the past it happened more and more often that I had been asked by
people if I could show/help them with joining an IRC network. Those
folks are, or shall I say, have been mostly ordinary Windows users
(think of retired Uncle Bob).

After I educated person #8 on the fine arts of IRC, I thought to myself,
that ain't going to scale if we continue down this road sir... I decided
to write a fool-proof tutorial an point folks to it from now on


Pidgin has got to be about the worst tool for accessing IRC.
(I do use it for MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk).
I use IRSSI, myself, but, for the clueless n00b, I would recommend a tool like konversation, kirsc, xchat, or, even, seamonkey-irc (shame we don't have seamonkey in our repos. I used it on PCLOS and Ubuntu for my browser and e-mail. Faster than FF and TB).


free/open source software
tcl yer os with a feather...

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