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Re: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace disabled?

emikaadeo wrote:

> I just enabled keyboard layout in 
> K>Systemsettings>Regional&Language>Keyboard Layout, and there,
> in advanced tab I check: Key sequence to kill X server
> (Control+Alt+Backspace).

I filed a bug against xserver-xorg about the disappearance of
control-alt-backspace, and the maintainer (Julien Cristau) wrote
back saying

  DontZap will be changed back to off by default soon.

He also gave the tip to re-enable control-alt-backspace by
including in the XKBOPTIONS line in /etc/default/console-setup:


After which (to be on the safe side) you have to reboot.

I suppose this will be necessary (for those without KDE/Gnome)
until "DontZap = off" becomes the default again.

Regards, Jan

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