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Lenny - window manager seems to have died.

I have a dual core AMD64 with a fairly fresh install of Lenny, just the 
last couple of days I have noticed my window controls have disappeared. 
I have tried to reload metacity, which I think is the default window 
manager for Debian Lenny, but nothing happens.

However if I load another wm, #icewm --replace &

Then I get my window controls back but only until I log out, log back 
in and now window controls again.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling metacity, if I try to reload it, I 
get a cryptic error message:

"Window manager warning: 0 stored in GConf key /desktop/gnome/
peripherals/mouse/cursor_size is not a reasonable cursor_size; must be 
in the range 1 .. 128"

Anyone suggest what I can do to sort the problem?


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