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Burning DVDs on GNome of Debian Testing (Squeeze) ?


I am a GNome user and I am looking for some good tool to burn DVDs. I
have a couple of DVD+R and DVD-R discs. I want to do one of the
following when I burn discs:

1. Burn .ISO into a disc.
2. Copy a disc as .ISO to my hard disk.
3. Copy data to discs with multisession support.

I have the following questions.

1. What tool do you use or recommend to achieve all the above?
2. Will multisession discs be usable on other operating systems such
as Ubuntu, Windows, etc.?
3. Does Nautilus "Write to Disc" feature supports multisession?
4. In Debian systems that don't have GNome or GUI, what command line
tool do you use or recommend?

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