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Re: Audio/Video on amd64 Lenny

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 04:58:26PM -0400, Larry Irwin wrote:
> I have the most recent updates to amd64 Lenny on my system.
> A Plantronics headset is plugged into the standard audio plugs for 
> speakers and microphone.
> The sound comes to the headset, but the microphone refuses to work.

For audio, I'd guess it could be one of the mixer settings.
I'd try starting 'alsamixer'. Unmute everything you
can, and use the spacebar to set the Mic (and possibly
other channels) to CAPTURE. 

When you have found okay settings, you can save them
(as root) with

     alsactl store

I'll punt on video, I bought two webcams, neither of
which is recognized.



> A Logitech QuickCam is plugged into a USB port.
> Nothing I have tried will bring up the webcam.
> My other devices (1920x1080 screen, USB stick, USB external HD, DVD/RW, 
> NIC, Printer, etc) are all working well.
> What should I post to help pinpoint the audio and video issues?
> (I'm used to setting up servers vs. desktops and have only had issues 
> like this when sata was not quite segregated from ide on some 
> motherboards...)
> TIA,
> Larry Irwin 

Joel Roth

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