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Re: No console from X

On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 11:15:10 -0400, Ed Jabbour wrote:
> On Friday 15 May 2009 02:22:06 Andrei Popescu wrote:
> > On Thu,14.May.09, 20:57:29, Ed Jabbour wrote:
> > > I can't get to a console from X.  I.e., alt-ctrl-f1, 2 .... get me only a
> > > black screen with no prompt.  The same thing happens if I try "console
> > > login" from kdm.  inittab is the default.  Graphics driver NVidia
> > > 173.14.09.  Any hints, pointers, appreciated.
> >
> > Does 'chvt 1' (as root) work? What Debian version (lenny/stable, ...)
> > are you using?
> Running  lenny.  No, chvt 1 gets me the same black screen.  

Can you switch back to X with ALT-F7 or CTRL-ALT-F7 after this happens?

In case you cannot switch back, can you shut down the system with
CTRL-ALT-DEL, or log in "blindly" and run commands? (e.g. "touch

If all the above fails, does ALT-SysRq still work?

(We have to find out if you have a temporary problem with the video
 mode, a permanent one, or a complete lock-up of the system.)

Also, after an attempt to go to console, what is the output of:

grep -E '^\((EE|WW)\)' /var/log/Xorg.0.log

(If you have to reboot and X starts again, use /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old
 to check for errors and warnings of the previous run.)

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