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Re: Installing xfce 4.6 on Lenny

Hi you German users,

is the keyboard layout switcher plugin for xfce working in 4.6?

I'm using 4.4 (default pkg from the repo) and the switcher is up the creek - work-around requires CLI commands.

Also, are there massive improvements between 4.4 and 4.6?


Christoph Pilka on 12/05/09 01:52, wrote:
Some weeks ago I installed XFCE 4.6 on many Lenny boxes and documented the installation in a howto I have published in my wiki:


Following step-by-step results in a clean and properly working XFCE 4.6 installation.


Magnus Pedersen wrote:

Matteo Riva wrote:
Hello everybody. I have been using Debian for a while, I had an
system which went through many dist upgrades and I always played
testing and unstable stuff, even before I actually knew what I was

Now since I'm running a fresh and "clean" Lenny install I'm here
to ask what is the correct way to handle packages from the testing
branch, in case I want to use a newer version of some software
xfce in this specific case).

Do I have to do a full dist-upgrade or can I just mix packages from
stable and testing branches?

Any input appreciated, thanks.

I wouldn't mix stable and testing, get XFCE from backports if it is
available or run testing.



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