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RT3.6 failing mysteriously after lenny upgrade

I finally got around to upgrading from etch to lenny about a week ago
and, since then, my Request Tracker installation has been returning
blank pages after about 24 hours of operation.  An `apache2ctl graceful`
will get it working again, but, the next day, I'm right back to blank

These white pages were initially associated with a segfault being logged
on each request, which gave me something to google for, and I turned up
some posts stating that it was likely caused by an incomplete upgrade
which did not make all necessary database changes.  A specific change
was mentioned, which did indeed put an end to the segfaults (it now logs
no errors when failing), but the blank pages are still coming back.

Some of my google hits mentioned that the change I'd made was not the
only one and that you should go through the steps listed in
UPGRADING.mysql or re-run upgrade-mysql-schema.pl, but neither of these
files appears to exist on my system.  (`locate` doesn't find them and
`dpkg -L` doesn't list them as being present in the request-tracker3.6
or rt3.6-db-mysql packages.)

What do I need to do to recover from this and get RT to stay up 24/7

Dave Sherohman

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