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Reply-to-list in TBird.

    I know a few people are interested in this feature in TBird and, like me, 
have issues with the current addon which provides similar functionality.  This 
just came through bugzilla.

--- Comment #184 from Bryan W Clark (:clarkbw) <clarkbw@gnome.org>  2009-05-08 
18:18:29 PDT ---
Blake, I'm guessing you don't have much time for this at this point.  I'm
adding sid0 to the CC so if that's true sid can take over this patch.  

I feel like this piece is pretty necessary so I'm marking it blocking again 
and targeting b3 even though I know it's too tight so it could slip and block 
the next release.

    They're actually pushing to get it in for v3.  Even though it could slip 
that suggest they'll hold it for 3.1 at the latest.  Kind of ironic since 
about a week and a half ago I just settled into using KMail comfortably.  ;)

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