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Re: Laptop woes - Black background is now pure red.

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On 05/08/09 20:21, Chris Jones wrote:
> This happened over the last couple of days. on a laptop that spends all
> its time on a desk .. didn't drop it, spill fluids or anything.
> The LCD is about a year old and so the cfl has only c. 1000 hours.
> If I leave the laptop to cool off for a while and boot, everything is
> fine - display is nice & crisp, no funny colors or anything.
> As the laptop warms up, I begin to see some red flashes when I'm typing
> something on a black background.
> When acpi reports a temperature of 60C or thereabout, the bright red
> becomes permanent and what I'm typing - normally light grey on black, is
> pretty much illegible. 
> 60C is not hot on this laptop: the fan only starts up when it reaches a
> termperature of 74C.
> When that happens, pretty much the only thing that is nice and crisp is
> reverse video stuff such as my root prompt or visuual selections in vim.
> If I switch to a light background such as google search in mozilla, the
> background has a bluish/greenish tinge in most places - more like
> shadows than a uniform color.. also, it flickers.
> I have reseated the video cable to no effect - I vaguely suspect the
> video card - an ATI Mach64 might be the culprit.
> Before I start bying new parts, I was wondering if anyone has
> experienced anything similar to this.
> As you can imagine, since I don't have another machine available at
> this point, I have not googled much for solutions :-)
> In fact, on-screen stuff is so bad that I'm having a hard time reading
> what I just typed.
> To clarify, I have uploaded a few screenshots at:
> www.geocities.com/fcky1000/fckw/
> Thanks,
> CJ

The screenshots look normal to us, try taking them with a camera.

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Many thanks
Harry Rickards (a.k.a l33tmyst)

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