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Re: Why does iconv choose Private Use Area? (big5->katakana)

In article <[🔎] 87ws8s4kdp.fsf@jidanni.org>, jidanni@jidanni.org writes:

> Why does iconv choose Private Use Area
> $ echo =C7=CD=C7=B9=C7=AF=C7=EF|
> perl -MMIME::QuotedPrint -wne 'print decode_qp($_)'|
> iconv -f big5 -t utf8|uni2ascii -wq
> 0xF77A 0xF766 0xF75C 0xF79C
> over U+30D1 KATAKANA LETTER PA, etc.?

It seems that those characters are hkscs extension to big5.

Try '-f big5-hkscs' instead of '-f big5'.  Then you should
get this:

0x30D1 0x30BD 0x30B3 0x30F3 

Kenichi Handa

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