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Re: [Fwd: .img_bestanden]

Peter van der Wal wrote:
I don't know about converting img to iso.
But you can mount a standard img-file:

modprobe loop
mount -o loop ./[filename].img /media/[some folder]

Maybe you can extract the files and repackage them in an iso-file?


Op donderdag 07-05-2009 om 11:13 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef steef:
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hi folks,

dows anybody know how to convert a .img_file into an .iso_file under stable? can a package like nrg2iso do the job? found some ubuntu-packages, like ccd2iso, but ubuntu is not debian.

thank you,

sorry: was too fast.  ccd2iso and nrg2iso refuse to do the job,


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thanks. i mounted the file but could not extract this old nero_made .img file. so i made a visit into corporate country on an old with xp loaded partition. seemingly dictates mr. greed that a (newer) .nrg file is incompatible with an (older) .img-file. i should have known that. I'll give nero_linux a (last?) try.

thanks again for your response,

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