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evince printer dialog


I'm trying to configure Evince, but the description in the help files
doesn't seem to match what I see on the screen. In the `usage' section
of the manual, it says the print dialog has three tabs, "printer", "job"
and "paper". In the "printer" tab I should find the "printer",
"settings" and "location" drop-downs to let me choose the printer and
commands to use to send it print jobs.

This is not what I see. The print dialog I have has two tabs, General
and Page Setup. After I select a printer in the General tab, Job, Image
Quality, and Advanced tabs also appear, but I can't find anywhere to set
the configuration options for the printer in any of these tabs.

I want to set the print command to 'lp -o fitplot -d ml-2010', which is
what I use in xpdf

What am I missing?



Squeeze, Evince 2.24.2, Fluxbox

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