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Re: Wine and itunes

On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 08:56:15AM -0400, Christopher Judd wrote:
> 	My son is fed up with Windows and wants to purge it from his system, 
> and run ubuntu or debian.  The only thing holding him back at this time 
> is itunes.  Like most teenagers, he uses it regularly and has a rather 
> large itunes library.  Does anyone have experience running a recent 
> version of itunes (preferably 8.something) in wine on a debian box?
> I've done some looking online, but haven't found a definite answer.  I 
> tried it with the package in experimental on my box at work (which is 
> amd64), but was not successful.  I have a 32 bit system at home that I 
> can try it on.

Like the other suggestions, you can go with any other media playing
software. For iPods, gtkpod works fine. For the iPhone and iPod Touch,
however, you may want to check out iFuse (available in Debian). It can
transfer all files, including media from and to these devices, but
still doesn't work as expected for music and media files since Apple's
iTunes signs such files with a secret key... so iFuse uploaded files
are not "seen" as music files on these devices.


Kumar Appaiah

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