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BUG: Problem while booting Debian with LVDS connector instead of VGA


I have a problem that I meet each time I boot Linux on an embedded computer.

Embedded PC : ECM-LX800
Screen: LVDS (and not VGA)
Linux: Debian ETCH version 2.6.18-6-686

The problem comes after GRUB gives the instruction on which partition to boot, BUT before that Linux kernel is loaded.

Noticed facts:
1- in short-cutting the VGA connector (i.e. pin 5 and 12 strapped together), which simulates the presence of a VGA display attached to the PC, Linux boots normally. The video signal is indeed sent to the LVDS output.

2- Linux installation was proceeded with success, but with the VGA connector connected to an external display as described in item 1.

3- When the VGA connector is free from any connector or from any strap between pins 5 and 12, after GRUB has started: the display becomes then black. Linux kernel is not loaded.

Question: Is there a configuration file to modify before the kernel is loaded to tell Linux not to take into account the VGA connector, but instead to send straight the video signal on the LVDS output, and then to boot normally ?

Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,


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