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Re: gimp use

Peter van der Wal wrote:
This link says somethings about batch-operations in GIMP:

Basically, you should install the gimp-plugin-registry Package.
Then in GIMP you should open the menu-item Xtns/Batch Process.

If you install the imagemagick package it's really easy.

$ cd [your dir containing images]
$ mogrify -resize [size] *.jpg


Op maandag 04-05-2009 om 11:04 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef steef:
hi folks,

i am in africa now with a sometimes not optimal internet-connection in this region. i cannot properly google: so i put my question hopefully on the list:

is it possible with the 'gimp' to scale 160 photographic pictures down *in one time*?

thank you ,



....thank you peter and all of you for your kind and 'to the point' answers. imagemagick did the magical trick and is absolutely worth a further look from my side.

thank you all again,



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