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Initially was highly interested in the NSLU2 [1] as a replacement for a 
laptop I have sitting around running basically as an extremely over 
powered file/backup server. I am starting to become very interested in 
the SheevaPlug [2].  Although not as documented as the slug, I did find 
some work in progress for a full Debian port. [3] I really wished they 
could have figured out some sort of onboard wireless solution.  The 
entire unit looks slightly larger laptop cards. Maybe it was a cost 
saving measure or feature not exactly sure.  But needing to also buy a 
bridge to hide the thing in a closet isn't exactly optimum.  I suppose it 
could live near the already crowded modem/router/phone etc..  But one can 
still wish. Wikipedia says that currently Ubuntu's 9.04 ARM build is running the 
shipped unit. [4] 

I'm looking for some input from the list.  Does anyone have one running 
Debian?  How's it working out for you? Would you consider the SheevaPlug 
over the discontinued slug?  How do you go about hooking multiple drives 
into the unit as I've read about with only 1 usb port?  I'm sure there 
are many more that might come up as(if) the discussion moves along. 


Daryl Styrk
Naples, FL USA

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