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New Xorg Stuff on Sid

Just upgraded. Seems OK, however

1. Wants to remove inputs, i.e. keyboard and mouse, x drivers. Managed to keep 
them. However, listchanges says they are now ignored. What's the story here?

2. Along the bootup init, the screen font gets changed to a sans-serif 16pt 
font. The upgrade config said this was the default. Looks nice, OK, but far 
too big. Want to get the smaller font I had. Where in /etc... is this 
specified or must I run dpkg-reconfigure (on what package?)?

3. This upgrade did restore dri for my matrox g200 clunker. However, since the 
firmware was moved off the kernel to its own package, using dri immediately 
hangs the machine. Any workaround until someone fixes this:-)?

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