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Re: gimp use

steef wrote :
> hi folks,
> i am in africa now with a sometimes not optimal internet-connection in
> this region. i cannot properly google: so i put my question hopefully on
> the list:
> is it possible with the 'gimp' to scale 160 photographic pictures down
> *in one time*?
> thank you ,
> regards,
> steef


as stated there is a set of tools that might do a more straightforward
job for resizing a bunch of pictures. With Gimp however you can install
the "gimp-plugin-registry" package, which will give you access under the
"filters > Batch" menu to a batch processing tool, which includes
resizing/cropping facilities for a bunch of files. You will have to set
up a few options, so it will take time and it's not worth bothering if
you don't have many pictures to process (160 should qualify...).
If you want to work from a graphical user interface, you can also use
most pictures manager program like Digikam or Gwenview, they usually
include an easy to use resizing tool.


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